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"Cymbags are the perfect way to protect your precious cymbals! "


Derico is set-up to record on your project from his home studio. He uses the Presonus Fire Studio Project as his Interface along with Logic on the Apple Mac Book. The studio is equipped with great sounding drums, and Derico has a wide variety of snare drums in various sizes. And for the icing, Derico uses a broad range of Sabian Cymbals.

Turn around time is usually a day or two.

If you'd like to book Derico to come in and record on a project, please for availability, info, and pricing!

Derico is available for tours. If you'd like to book Derico to come on tour with your project, please for availability.

Derico does teach Private Lessons via SKYPE when his schedule permits. Visit the Lessons page to find out when he's teaching to set-up a consultation.



Keep it Clean!
Please feel free to use the information below to get in contact with me. I get a lot of emails so I may not be able to respond back to every one that is sent but please believe that I reading all of them.

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