Derico Watson endorses Mapex Drums
Derico Watson & Mapex

Vic Fiirth - Derico's Choice

Derico Watson & Vic Firth

Cymbag Cymbal Protectors
"Cymbags are the perfect way to protect your precious cymbals! "



The Watson family
The Jones/Brown family
Ken Reynolds
Bernhard Lackner
Gerald Perry
Brad & Alana Bowden
Pastor Dennis McMurray & family
Mike Barbee
Tim & Beth Froncek
Danette Albetta
James Lawrence
Don Emmons
Jack Adams
Mona Shores High School staff & students
Christ Temple Church (Muskegon, MI) family
Colin Schofield
George Frederick
Rich Martin
Greg Nimtz
Doug Hostetler
Those who have spoke a word of Encouragement:
Bishop Kenneth Dupree & the Victory Church (Nashville) family
Rest In Peace and Thank You:
Uncle Danny Watson
Andrew Bernard
Bishop William Burrel
Bishop Willie Burrel
Bishop William Abney
L. Craig Tyson
Jimmy Abney
Vernill Allen
Mother Redditt
Wilton Machen
Kelsey Wilson
Don Miller
MaLinda Sapp
Louie Bellson
Tony Thompson
Max Roach
Tony Williams
Art Blakey
Rudy Wooten
Marvin McQuitty, Jr.
To the Artists/Bands I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with:

SMV (Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller & Victor Wooten)
Steve & Rene Weingart
Jeff Coffin & the Mu'Tet
Rick Hicks Band
The Hip Pocket

Cliff Richmond
Don Warnaar Big Band
Joseph Wooten
Regi Wooten
Carl Lucero
John Wineglass
Don Rickles (I know)
To all of my wonderful friends (You are bad!) & thanks for the Inspiration:

Marvin McQuitty, Jr. (RIP)
Dennis Chambers
Lee Pearson
JD Blair
Carter Beauford
Marcus Hunter
Marcus Finnie
Christopher Coleman
Robert 'Sput' Seawright
Aaron Spears
George Waterman
Rena Beavers
Felix Pollard
Erik Hargrove
David Haynes
Jeremy Haynes
Scott Pellegrom
Steve Harris
Brian Kops
Mark Weymouth
Romus Foster
Michael White
Kevin Cornelius
Donnie Hughley
Larry Hines
Craig Hunnicutt
Nathaniel Townsley
Elijah Holt
Roy Wooten
Deshawn Allen
Mike Mitchell
Chris Knox
Jason Thomas

Freddy Hall, Jr.
Carter Mclean
Ron Allen, Jr.
Rashid Williams
Gregg Bissonette
Derek Roddy
Chester Thompson
Terreon Gully
Nikki Glaspie
Everett Johnson
Bill DeMarse
Jevin Hunter
Rick Wilkerson
Nioshi Jackson
Louis Winfield
Mike Clemons
Michael Williams
Joel Smith
Calvin Npper
Alvin King
Richard Williams
Blaine Crews
Bill Bachman
Will Denton
Joey Oscar
Mark Simmons
Roy Wooten
Keio Stroud
Rashid Williams
Blaine Crews
Mark Simmons
Joey Oscar




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